Results from the 2018 GAA State JOAD Outdoor Championships

It was a great day at Earl O'Neal Park in Conyers for the 2018 GAA State JOAD Outdoor Championships. There were 119 youth archers competed today in near perfect weather conditions. Thanks to Every Arrow Counts for hosting a great events.

Results are posted. Congrats to all the archers!

Please email any corrections to

Rhonda Shaner
Important info for the 2018 GAA State Indoor Championships

Hello archers!
We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend for the GAA State Indoor & JOAD Indoor Championships. Here are few things to know to prepare for this weekend.

Please check your information and send any corrections to Any changes to target face selection must be sent by Friday at noon. Requests made the day of the tournament will only be accommodated if space allows. Target assignments will be added to these links later this week.

Bring a copy of the signed waiver. These will be collected at check-in.

Each round will begin at the scheduled time with 4 ends of official practice. Archers may also practice at ALC for a reduced fee of $5.00 per session. Equipment inspection will begin 1-hour prior to each shoot time. (Or immediately following the completion of the morning line.) Don't forget to bring your bowstands!

Limited seating is available for spectators. You may bring (more conformable!) chairs. Seating is provided for the archers behind the shooting line. 

Both lines at 1:00 are full and will be crowded. Any archers interested in moving from the 1:00 line to the 9:00 line should email to request a change. 

***Sunday, 1:00 Line- All Senior and Master Archers*** To address accessibility for our para-archers and additional numbers, you are scheduled to shoot across the street from the arena in the Fountain Square shopping center. The range is located down the sidewalk from the ALC Proshop and will be marked with targets out front. (This is the location of the annual ALC Halloween and Christmas shoots.) If you do not have any access issues (able to navigate a few stairs) you may choose to shoot in the arena at 9:00. Email to make this change. Thanks for your understanding to this adjustment! We are excited to see such a large crowd on Sunday!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.
Georgia Archery Association and Archery Learning Center

Rhonda Shaner
2017 GAA Scholarships Awarded

The Georgia Archery Association awards scholarships every year. The archers below have met the requirements for the 2017 Scholarhip. Each individual will receive a check the first week of December in the amount of $285.

Congratulations all!

If you have any questions, please contact the GAA Officers at

2017 GAA JOAD Scholarship Awardees
Abby Whittle - Club
Abhishek Swaminathan - Archery Learning Center
Alex Kuntz - Every Arrow Counts
Alexia Graves - Archery Learning Center
Anna Whittle - Club
Ashley Kim - Joy Lee Archery
Ashley Pincus - Every Arrow Counts
Austin Allen - Ace Apaches
Cassandra Pelton - Southern Eagles Archery/Georgia Southern University
Chloe Garrison - Every Arrow Counts
Cody Lucas - Center Shot Archers
Curtis Broadnax - Ace Apaches
David Chi - Top Archery
Gracie Clendenin - Archery Insight
Josef Scarboro - EAC & Forsyth 4H
Kai Rutland - All Things Archery
Lexie Martin - Ace Apaches
Luke Nelson - Ace Apaches
Matthew Luo - Augusta University Jaguar Archery Group
Rachel Carlisle - Forsyth 4-H Archery
Tai Rutland - All Things Archery
Todd Edgar - Georgia Southern University
Whitney Kim - Joy Lee archery


Rhonda Shaner
2017 GAA Scholarship Eligible Archers

The Georgia Archery Association awards scholarships every year. The archers below are eligible for 2017 based on their participation for the year. 

If you have any questions, please contact the GAA Officers at

2017 GAA JOAD Scholarship Awardees
Abhishek Swaminathan
Josef Scarboro
Abby Whittle
Ashley Kim
Chloe Garrison
Cody Lucas
David Chi
Lexi Martin
Rachel Carlisle
Alexia Graves
Luke Nelson
Tai Rutland
Whitney Kim
Alexander Kuntz
Anna Whittle
Ashley Pincus
Austin Allen
Curtis Broadnax
Gracie Ann Clendenin
Kai Rutland

2017 GAA Collegiate Scholarship Awardees
Todd Edgar
Cassandra Pelton
Matthew Luo

Rhonda Shaner
Results from the 2017 GAA State Target Outdoor Championships - September 16 & !&

Results are now posted.

It was another great weekend at Earl O'Neal Sports Complex for the Georgia Archery Association for the State Target Outdoor Championships. Thanks to everyone who attended and of course to our fantastic hosts, Every Arrow Counts!

Congrats to all archers. Special congrats to Eli Hughes (Guest from Haw River, North Carolina) who shot a World Record score of 357/360 at 60M (pending verification).

Thanks again! Watch for the 2018 calendar to be released this week!



Rhonda Shaner
Nomination request for GAA Judge Program

Dear USA Archery Club Leaders,

There will be a judge seminar at Georgia Southern University on October 7 & 8. This two-day Judge seminar and certification course is presented by USA Archery and led by Mike Cullumber, International Judge. They will focus on educating and developing judges and coaches at all levels. 

The Board of Directors of the Georgia Archery Association has approved a new program to increase the judge pool available in the state. GAA will sponsor up to 10 individuals to attend this seminar by paying for the $150 fee to attend. Selected candidates will be expected to work at least 2 GAA events in the coming year.  The GAA BOD intends for this program to benefit as many clubs as possible, so candidates will be selected to provide support to as many clubs as possible. (Only one candidate will be selected from each club unless under 10 clubs apply.)

Each club is invited to nominate up to 3 individuals. Please only nominate individuals are are able and interested in attending the seminar and willing to fulfill the requirements to judge 2 GAA events in the coming year. 

Nominations are due by Monday, September 24 at 5:00 pm.  

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Georgia Archery Association
George Ryals, President
Theresa Wiestruk, Vice President
Rhonda Shaner, Treasurer

Rhonda Shaner
Request for 2018 GAA Tournament Bids

Tournament Bids for the 2018 Season

Bids are due by Friday, September 8. Submit via email to

Awarded clubs will be notified the week of September 18. Please be sure to complete all forms. 

All USA Archery clubs in Georgia are invited to bid to host any GAA hosted events for the 2018 tournament schedule.

The Georgia Archery Association has been established to carry out the programs of USA Archery to include the organization of indoor and outdoor state championship events.  

The GAA hosts 7 events annually: 

·    25 Meter State Championship (typically held in December 2017)
·    State JOAD Indoor Championships (held in conjunction with the State Indoor Championships, typically held in February)
·    State Indoor Championships (held in conjunction with the State JOAD Indoor, typically held in February) 

·    Georgia Cup (72-arrow qualification and elimination rounds, typically held in May)
·    State JOAD Outdoor Championships (72-arrow qualification, typically held in June)
·    State Field Championships (FITA Field round, currently Marked round only, typically held in August)
·    State Outdoor Target Championship (4-distance FITA round, typically held in September)

Rhonda Shaner
Results from the 2017 GAA State JOAD Outdoor Championships

It was a beautiful day in Conyers to shoot! We had over 120 youth archers shooting with us. Results are now available. 

Austin Allen, from ACE Apache Archers, shot a perfect "720" at 30 meters. It is certain to be a new state record and probably also a new National Record as no one on the field remembers a perfect score being shot.

Congrats Austin and all the other archers out there today!

Rhonda Shaner