GAA Board of Directors

All clubs registered with USA Archery are invited to have a representative on the GAA Board of Directors. Any clubs interested in participating in the BOD should email the Executive Officers at

George Ryals

Theresa Wiestruk
Vice President

Rhonda Shaner
Secretary / Treasurer

Sarah Kotlar
10 Ring Archery

John Chandler
ACE Apaches

Jenny Baldowski
All Things Archery

Daniel Allen
Augusta University Jaguar Archery Group

Todd Cliett
Back Road Archery Team

Jim Pruitte
Center Shot Archers

Danny Pincus
Every Arrow Counts

Bryan Carlisle
Forsyth 4H Archery

Daniel Allen
J.A.G. Roary's Rangers

John Francis
Kennesaw Archery Club

Lee Ford
Mid GA Archery Club

Thadrick Heaney
South Georgia JOAD

Chris Love
Southern Draw

Tim Wall
Stateboro Archery

Jenny Baldowski
Top Archery

Holly Edgar
Viper JOAD