These Coaches are USA Archery Certified and run archery clubs here in Georgia. Contact a coach near you to get a great start in archery or brush up your skill and take your archery to the next level. 

All certified USA Archery Coaches are invited to send a headshot, bio, and contact information to to be included in this directory.


Daniel Allen


High Performance Barebow and Recurve
Collegiate Archery, JOAD, and Adult Archery
Beginning through elite training in any style (barebow, recurve, compound)

Augusta University/Medical College of Georgia and Augusta/CSRA
Phone: 229-254-1799

Daniel, a medical student at the Medical College of Georgia and alumnus of Georgia Southern University, is a Level 4-NTS Coach. He leads the Augusta University Jaguar Archery Group and Roary's Rangers Archery (JOAD and AAP), both teams that have started in the last few years. Both teams have shown great competitive success at various levels of competition, including state, regional, and national podium finishes. Daniel's coaching philosophy centers around building his athlete holistically and maintaining a "hakuna matata" (from The Lion King, meaning "no worries") attitude through even the toughest of situations.

Daniel is also an active athlete himself. Since starting competitive archery, Daniel has distinguished himself competitively, winning six total individual National Collegiate Championship titles from indoor, outdoor, and 3D archery (along with several team and mixed team titles). Daniel has plans to pursue the USA Olympic Trials in 2019.

George "GRIV" Ryals IV

High Performance Compound
NTS Recurve Archery
Traditional and Barebow
Beginner introductions in any style

Archery Learning Center
2164 Fountain Square
Snellville, GA 30078

GRIV is a level 4 USA archery Coach and has a large club of Juniors that compete at the World Level. He was 2014 USA Archery Developmental Coach of the year and 2014 US Olympic Developmental Coach Of The Year. GRIV still competes at a high level. As of this writing he is ranked 16th Nationally with USA Archery. 


John Chandler  


Compound Elite Performance
NTS Recurve
Barebow & Traditional
Beginners to Elite

ACE Indoor Archery Range
181 S Cherokee Rd,
Social Circle, GA 30025

(Big) John Chandler is a level 4 NTS Archery Coach. He is head coach for ACE Apaches. He has coached many National Champs in ASA, USA, 4-H, & NASP. He currently has students on the USAT & CJDT. He was nominated for coach of the year in 2016. 


Jim White   


NTS Recurve
Para Archery
Coach Training through level 4
Beginners to Elite archer training

Roswell, GA
Phone: 770-855-2467

Jim is a Level V Certified coach and one of USA Archery's Junior Dream Team coaches since 2009.  He has coached multiple National and International champions.  He has been the Head Coach for teams competing in Mexico, El Salvador, Venezuela, Italy and Russia. 

He also has assisted National Coach Ki Sik Lee in training and certifying Level IV coaches.  

He has worked with archers from the beginning level to elite levels as well as developing a Paralympic athlete who competed in the London Paralympic Games in 2012.

He was the National Developmental Coach of the year in 2013.

Lee Ford

High Performance Recurve
National Training System (NTS) Level 4 Coach
Trains those with physical disability or needing rehab
Beginner instruction in any style


Mid Ga Archery Club
Range Address: 1800 Tucker Road
Perry, GA 31069

Lee is a level 4 USA Archery Coach. A 2011 Para PanAm Gold Medalist and a 2012 Paralympian.  Lee still competes at the World level. 


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