Request for 2018 GAA Tournament Bids

Tournament Bids for the 2018 Season

Bids are due by Friday, September 8. Submit via email to

Awarded clubs will be notified the week of September 18. Please be sure to complete all forms. 

All USA Archery clubs in Georgia are invited to bid to host any GAA hosted events for the 2018 tournament schedule.

The Georgia Archery Association has been established to carry out the programs of USA Archery to include the organization of indoor and outdoor state championship events.  

The GAA hosts 7 events annually: 

·    25 Meter State Championship (typically held in December 2017)
·    State JOAD Indoor Championships (held in conjunction with the State Indoor Championships, typically held in February)
·    State Indoor Championships (held in conjunction with the State JOAD Indoor, typically held in February) 

·    Georgia Cup (72-arrow qualification and elimination rounds, typically held in May)
·    State JOAD Outdoor Championships (72-arrow qualification, typically held in June)
·    State Field Championships (FITA Field round, currently Marked round only, typically held in August)
·    State Outdoor Target Championship (4-distance FITA round, typically held in September)

Rhonda Shaner