2017 GAA Scholarships Awarded

The Georgia Archery Association awards scholarships every year. The archers below have met the requirements for the 2017 Scholarhip. Each individual will receive a check the first week of December in the amount of $285.

Congratulations all!

If you have any questions, please contact the GAA Officers at gaarchery1@gmail.com

2017 GAA JOAD Scholarship Awardees
Abby Whittle - Club
Abhishek Swaminathan - Archery Learning Center
Alex Kuntz - Every Arrow Counts
Alexia Graves - Archery Learning Center
Anna Whittle - Club
Ashley Kim - Joy Lee Archery
Ashley Pincus - Every Arrow Counts
Austin Allen - Ace Apaches
Cassandra Pelton - Southern Eagles Archery/Georgia Southern University
Chloe Garrison - Every Arrow Counts
Cody Lucas - Center Shot Archers
Curtis Broadnax - Ace Apaches
David Chi - Top Archery
Gracie Clendenin - Archery Insight
Josef Scarboro - EAC & Forsyth 4H
Kai Rutland - All Things Archery
Lexie Martin - Ace Apaches
Luke Nelson - Ace Apaches
Matthew Luo - Augusta University Jaguar Archery Group
Rachel Carlisle - Forsyth 4-H Archery
Tai Rutland - All Things Archery
Todd Edgar - Georgia Southern University
Whitney Kim - Joy Lee archery


Rhonda Shaner