Mechell Pruitte

Jun 232016

We have tried since January to form a nomination committee with no luck of obtaining three persons to fill it.

We are currently accepting nominations through July 25, 2016 for the following positions:


Tournament Director


Please submit nominations to:


Jun 082016

June 18, 2016



Hosted by: Georgia Archery Association


DATE: Saturday, June 18, 2016




72 arrows at a single distance

Recurve shoot on the 122cm face

Compound at the 80cm 6 ring face



Earl O’Neal Sports Complex

Conyers, Georgia


2016gaastateoutdoor joad

May 162016

The GAA has lost the use of our indoor facility ( County is turning the building into a multi use room and dividing into 3 rooms)

We are currently accepting bids for the 2016 25 Meter Shoot to be held in December and the 2017  GAA State Indoor and GAA State JOAD to be held in late January to Mid February. Please feel free to email us if you are interested in hosting one or all of these events.

email :

Hello GAA members
We are in need of volunteers to be on the nominating committee of not less
than three (3) members to locate candidates for the office of President and
Treasurer. Your services would be needed to find members willing to hold
these posts for 2 years starting January 2017.  Below are the description
of the positions.  To be on either the nominating committee or to hold
office with the GAA you must be a member in good standing with the National
Archery Association  (NAA).

President:  The President shall preside at all meetings of the BOD, appoint
the chairs of standing committees, and perform such other duties as are
incidental to the office, or as directed by the BOD.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial activities
and records of the GAA.

Other positions that we are also looking for are the positions of Secretary
and Tournament Director. These positions are appointed positions and serve
at the discretion of the President.  If you know of someone interested in
holding either of these positions please contact us with their name, phone
number and email address.  Descriptions of these positions are below

Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping and publishing
the minutes of meetings of the BOD, and; retention and maintenance of the
documents and records of the GAA.

Tournament Director:  The Tournament Director and his/her Committee is
responsible for the assignment, support, and oversight of all State
Championship events, and for the development of additional competitive
events in Georgia.  This committee is also responsible for keeping and
publicizing the results of all State Championships and records, and the
maintenance and upkeep of tournament equipment.

Please respond back to this email by May 22, 2016 if you are interested in
assisting the Georgia Archery Association in locating qualified individuals
to hold these positions  are also seeking folks for a nomination Committee:


Please email at the above address if interested.


May 162016

Thank you for coming out and supporting the GAA this past weekend. We had a
great event and perfect weather (little chilly)

Here are the results, the
champion is not determined by the FITA score, it is determined on their finish
in the OR Rounds. Please understand, some groups are combined ( male and Female)
and the broke back out by their finish. If we did not combine, there would not
be an opportunity for some groups to compete.