Apr 032014

Thank you for all of your support.. here are the results




the new date for the night shoot is May 3rd.

Here’s the registration form.

Membership will be required to either U S Archery or NFAA.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the shoot.. please pass the word on the new date.


  3 Responses to “7th Annual Night the Lights came on in Georgia shoot rescheduled”

  1. Hi Mechell,

    I would like to know what is the location of the Night Light Georgia Shoot? I did not see where is it going to be held at. Is this at the same place of the O’ Neal Complex off exit 84 in Conyers?

    • 2709 Old Covington ROad, Conyers, Ga 30013
      yes this is the same location as all of outdoor shooots
      hope to ese you there

  2. May 3rd is the same day as the Olympic Rounds for the GA Cup. We are having 2 events on the same day?

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