Apr 032014

Here is the registration form for the Georgia cup.


DATE: Saturday & Sunday May 24 & 26, 2014

SHOOTING TIME:    9:00AM Both Days



Recurve – 70 Meter Round  (60 Meters – Cadets)

2 rounds of 6 ends of 6 arrows for a total of 72 arrows at the 122cm target face

Compounds – 50 Meters Round

2 rounds of 6 ends of 6 arrows at 50 Meters for a total of 72 arrows at the 80cm 6 ring face


Olympic Round Sunday

FITA Round determines Olympic Round ranking for Sunday

Olympic Round determines GEORGIA CUP CHAMPIONSHIP



DIVISIONS: Male Compound, Male Recurve, Female Compound, Female Recurve

SR/JR shoots 70 Meters (CADETS 60 Meters) at the 122 cm face using the FITA Set Format

SR, JR, CADET COMPOUND shoots 50 Meters at the 80cm 6 ring target – 5 ends of 3 arrows per end.


2014 complete calendar

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Jan 052014


Dates for the Gator cup have been changed…

Here is our calendar with the GAA Shoots, US Archery Shoots and ASA and NFAA and GBAA included.

Please take the time to look at the membership requirements for the US Archery for this year. There have been some changes made.